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Custom Papers And Academic Integrity

People in academia will always find they’re in need of assistance when writing papers, due impart to tough standards when being assigned these papers. Since many people strive to provide the best classwork possible regardless of how difficult, assignments can become quickly completed using custom papers, or risk incompletion by foregoing the assignment because of academic integrity. We will now focus on comparing the two side by side to figure out whether any form of integrity even exists in collegiate standards, or if teachers really just intimidate students into believing such.

Why Paper Buying Is Ethical

Let’s face it; even teachers approach classwork with some form of ‘unethical’ practices, whether it’s playing favorites, copying tests from online sources, or even pretending to know something which they really don’t. It makes the student no more or less wrong for purchasing papers and stamping their names to it than it makes the teacher right for acting as they do. When gauging ethics, fairness has to be parallel across the board which, in academics, never happens.

What Really Is ‘Academic Integrity’ Anymore

Everyone seems concerned about hurting the integrity of universities and what educational value really means. Unfortunately, there’s simply too much collegiate corruption to set any form of real standard for integrity. When people pay for college education, that is hence deemed a business transaction – the student has become a paying customer. Whether they buy assignments, give away homework when graduated or whatever happens – provided it doesn’t physically hurt or maim the university – is definitely not at the school’s sole discretion since, again, college students are paying customers.

Keep Buying Without Fear

Regardless of what form of tracking measurements are introduced, students will continue to purchase papers custom fit to their academic needs. These papers will appear with their name appended to them, and seem as if the student did the work themselves. Student memorizes the paper, turns it in, and is academically prepared to field questions. The transaction is quite simple; teachers and deans take bribes all the time; there is little wrong with students getting their grades however necessary.

In Closing

Realistically speaking, putting custom papers and academic integrity into the same sentence is arbitrary since colleges have long tossed out any ethical codes by allowing the activities which transpire across campuses every day to happen. Harvard allowed a multi-billion dollar company to transpire on their campus; there is really nothing wrong with purchasing custom papers, and never let anyone bully you into thinking otherwise.