How To Come Up With Argumentative Essay Topics

One of the first things that you have to do with any essay assignment is coming up with a good topic.  The difference between an argumentative essay and other is that you topic mush be on something that has two sides to the issue and doesn’t have a definite answer.  So you couldn’t do an argumentative essay on something like, how is water hot because you know the answer.  Besides your topic having two sides, it also has to have substantial evidence to back up your sides.

There is no clear winner in this essay, just you telling the reader both sides of the subject and then allowing them to choose for themselves.  Your topic also has to be specific; you can start out with a broad topic like, World War II but then you will have to narrow it down with research.  And then you can use something like this as your topic, should we have dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?  The answer to this question will be your thesis statement, which should only be a sentence or two.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should more be done about domestic violence or has the media overstated the problem?
  • Technology has made it easier to communicate today, which led to many people starting to work from home. Is there a danger to using computers for communication instead of in person contact as a way to communicate? Does that make us prisoners to our computers?
  • Should cigarettes or alcohol be banned like other drugs like heroin?
  • Should there be ban on using cell phones at while operating an automobile? Or should public places like restaurants and theaters place restrictions on using cell phones?
  • Should capital punishment be a mandatory sentence for people that murder another person? Or what are the two sides of capital punishment?
  • Euthanasia is used to relieve the pain of a sick and dying animal.  Do we have a right to die the way we want if we are sick and dying also?
  • Trees help keep oxygen in the air and help us all sustain life on Earth.  Should the destruction of wooded areas like rain forests be outlawed?  How can we protect the forests?
  • Should there be schools or colleges that are just for boys or girls?
  • Should sex education be taught in all schools, to help prevent teenage pregnancy?
  • Is advertising informative to the public or a way to manipulate us?