6 Steps You Should Take To Write A Good Opinion Essay

You can make a case to say that an opinion essay is the easiest one to write. This is based on the fact that you are giving your opinion. That doesn't mean you can say anything without backing it up. You have to be able to provide reasons or evidence or examples as to why you believe your opinion to be correct. Always remember that the basics of good essay writing apply to all essays and especially to an opinion essay.

Just because you're giving your opinion doesn't mean it is right. Remember this is an essay not to be read by the general public but by your teacher or examiner. They know the structure and the definition of an opinion essay and will judge it according to that information. Follow the rules of essay writing and an opinion essay in particular. Here are six basic steps to take in writing your opinion essay.

  • know how to create an introduction
  • know what will be contained in the second paragraph
  • know what will be contained in the third paragraph.
  • Know the content and rules of writing a conclusion
  • know which tense to use
  • know which colloquialisms to avoid

The introduction is vitally important because you are going to introduce the topic you will write about and make clear exactly what your opinion is regarding that topic.

In the main body of your opinion essay will be the second and third paragraphs. In each one of these main body paragraphs you will state one main reason why your opinion is correct. You can have a number of smaller points which should further reinforce the point of your fact paragraph.

The conclusion is where you simply present a precis of what you have said before. It's important that you do two things with the conclusion. Don't introduce new material and don't use the same words you used in the previous paragraphs.

Two further important points are that you should usually write in the present tense when creating your opinion essay and you still need to maintain a sense of propriety. You should avoid jargon and colloquialisms. Even though it is you speaking and you giving your opinion, you should maintain the standard activities of essay writing using such expressions as ‘I strongly believe in such and such’ when you introduce your opinion. Lose the jargon and street expressions.