7 Inspiring Writing Ideas For An Essay About Success In Life

In writing an essay about personal life successes, your work should easily be unique and original. After all, no two people will have the exact same experience no matter how closely relatable they mays seem at first glance. Still, it can be trick to come up with a topic you are satisfied with and won in which you can be entirely invested. This is the reason we’ve developed these 7 inspiring writing ideas for this kind of essay on success:

  1. Consider ways in which you have overcome some kind of challenge. This can be anything from financial to professional to academic. For some this can make for really good topic for a college essay or scholarship application. Describe what that challenge was and what steps you took to get passed it.
  2. For some people success is defined in terms of wealth. For others success is defined in terms of doing something that makes them happy. How do you feel about these viewpoints? Perhaps you have an entirely different definition for what success in life really is and can write a paper with supporting evidence.
  3. Do you believe that success can come after a significant type of failure? For instance, let us say you played some kind of sport and had only experienced losing seasons. Is it possible to stay motivated under the constant pressure of simply wanting to have one winning season? Or do you think your motivation begins to disappear?
  4. What habits do the world’s most successful people all have in common? There have been several books written on this subject but the different viewpoints point to there not being a common set of habits that they all possess. Can you come up with any?
  5. In any given company there is just so much room for advancement. This bottle neck effect is troublesome in a culture that increasingly promotes success through career advancement and attainment of wealth. Is it time for people to change the way they think about achieving success?
  6. How does the modern entrepreneur define success? Is this definition similar in different parts of the world or does it change depending on the cultural or societal factors? Are entrepreneurs generally quick to define success by simply taking the step towards working on their own?
  7. Finally, consider the ways the concept of success has changed over time. For instance, academic success was once defined by simply graduating high school then it became graduating college or even graduate school. What is to be expected next?