How To Write A History Essay – Practical Tips For Dummies

History essays are generally a short piece of scholarly writing which illustrates a historical event or a place. The way of approach while constructing a history article is different from any descriptive writing. If you are a newbie, then there is plenty of homework to do before jumping to the art of article writing. You need a good command over the language, enough knowledge about the topic which you are working on and last but not the least, you need to develop your own style while developing a history article.

There are certain guidelines and format which needs to be followed while developing an article. The format includes the following sections:

  • Title page: the title provides the complete information regarding your topic. It must contain the entire essence of the historical event or place you are dealing with. Title page includes the main title of the page which should be capitalized and center aligned. The information regarding the author and the university or institution shall be included in the right bottom of the page.
  • Introduction: this section introduces your historical theme to the readers and it should carry the overall summary regarding your elaborated writing. Introductory paragraph must be a concise and comprehensive and readers must find it interesting towards the subject and never deviate from your main objective.
  • Article body: this is where you build your entire article. You can add information that substantiates your thesis statement. The data may include historical evidences, maps, case studies etc.
  • Conclusion: this section winds up your entire article and helps the readers to arrive at a conclusion. Important points dealt within the article must be restated and emphasize the derived results. The main objective of the article must be highlighted in this section.
  • Bibliography and References: you can give information regarding the various sources that has helped to complete the article writing. You can include the list of book referred, online websites and other help as a reference to the readers.

Points to remember when you are writing a history essay

  1. Proper usage of format English language
  2. Usage of nouns and adjectives
  3. Use past tense wherever possible and do not follow a narrative pattern for your article.
  4. Do not describe about a historical event or place in different paragraph. Organize your ideas about a particular subject into a single paragraph. Try to introduce another topic in the next paragraph