Pepsi these days are a household name and a popular favorite among both the kids and the adults. As is known to all of us, Pepsi is one of the most popular carbonated soft drink manufactured in North America and is distributed worldwide. It is manufactured and distributed by the huge American company PepsiCo. Initially, this soft drink was launched in the market mainly catering American consumers with the name of Brad’s drink in the year 1893. Owing to its popularity and other contributing reasons, its name subsequently was changed to Pepsi-cola on August 28, 1898 indicating towards its composition and then again to Pepsi in the year 1961, in certain parts of North America. As of now, presently this carbonated popular soft drink is officially and popularly known as Pepsi-Cola made with real sugar. Pepsi was first made and sold in Bern, North Carolina, USA, at a drugstore through a dispensed by pharmacist Caleb Bradham in the year 1893 by the name of Brad’s drink. It became very popular in a short time among the consumers. Bradham intended to make a drink that would act as a great digestive drink with energy boosting capacity along with good taste-liked by all.

The name of the drink was subsequently changed to Pepsi – naming it after the ingredients used to make this energy and digestive drink. Due to its increasing and growing popularity and revenues it earned, Bradham decided to manufacture it in somehow on a more large scale and moved the drink from his drugstore to his newly bought warehouse where only Pepsi was made exclusively. Gradually, Pepsi became one of its kind favorite drinks and the manufacturing unit gradually and eventually transformed into a company where President and other board members were elected. The drink was now manufactured and distributed on a large scale across America. In the year of the great depression in the history of America, Pepsi itself made history by selling record number of its soft drink 12 ounce bottles at a very affordable and reasonable price to cater the consumers. This strategy benefited the company in more than one way and paved its way to going global. In the early 1980’s Pepsi issued a public notice citing the change of the composition of the drink and since then it has seen only growth and popularity. Today the Pepsi is not only just a soft drink, but it symbolizes a conglomerate with diversified interest. Pepsi has been the official drink and sponsoring partner for many famous world events like FIFA Football world cup, cricket tournaments, etc. Modern global celebrities are chosen as a brand ambassador for Pepsi, and it caters more than half of the soft drink consumers across the world.