Popular Literature

Literature is one of the many things that are used to educate the community. At times it is used as a mirror for the public where they evaluate their actions. It is an art that is very important. Most of the literature may be works of fiction where the writer just writes things from his creativity. In other cases literature may be based on a true story of oneself or other people around the writer. The most important thing is that all these works have got a theme and a role of educating the community about a few aspects in life.

Quality of literature works

A popular literature is one that the plot and story are so focused so as to unite with the reader. It aims at capturing the mind of the reader. The writer will want to have his work attached to the reader that they love it. This is because they also aim at making money from it and you can only do so if the readers love your work. You will however notice that most of the readers loved works do not find their names in the short list of literary awards. These lists are made by bodies that award pieces of literature and literary novels. There are several agreed qualities of any written work that must be met for any work to qualify for entry in the awards lists. Most of the popular literature may be fetching lot money for the writer but may lack these needed qualities and thus never get any award of literary fiction.

Writers of popular literature

Sometimes it is unfortunate when we look at the might works of some of the writers of the works of fiction and how their lives turn out to be. Many of them, despite having written works that help others so much in life are in so much trouble themselves that you would not believe those works were of their own doing. Some of the writers die in debt yet their books are very popular and sell so much to the public. In some cases we have seen female who have produced books but in males names just to try to penetrate the market. Other literary awarding bodies do not put the names of female writers in their lists unless these writers are very influential and their works are indeed great. It can therefore be seen that the female writers are not given a level battle field with their male writers.