Adolescent Suicide

Suicide in adolescence happens as a result of various factors. Suicidal cases among adolescents have been so persistent that most school are now coming up with measures to handle this issue. The major suicide cause in adolescents is time. Adolescents who take long time under chaotic emotions have high chances of committing suicide. It begins just as an irritation due to discomforts during the adolescence period. Initially, some adolescents to ignore the situation but with time they lose the ability to handle their emotions. It is during this time when the adolescents begin think of committing suicide.

Factors That Trigger Adolescence Suicide

Bullying is the main reason behind adolescents’ development of suicidal thoughts. Most of bullying happens in form of verbal abuse which results to development of chaotic emotions. However, in extreme cases, bullying gets into physical which sometimes results to severe injuries or even death. When nobody intervenes to console with affected, it triggers suicidal thoughts as one feels lonely and segregated from the surrounding environment.

Another potential reason is parental divorce. In a situation whereby a mother or father permanently divorces each other, it begins to accumulate emotional stress to the young ones. If there is no outlets for these emotions, these adolescents might begin to view suicide as the only option available.

Adolescents view suicide as a lasting solution to a temporary difficulties. When adolescents are faced with such hard situations, they develop a negative feelings about their future. Lack of promising signs of bright future results to apathy and eventually lead to depression that generates suicidal thoughts.

Control Measures to Adolescence Suicide

Friends play a significant role in the life of the adolescents. Young people rarely develop independence level required to withstand life changes. Without the presence of friends, adolescents are more likely to experience suicidal thoughts. The fact that adolescents are much dependent requires them to have a network of friends to avoid the feelings of loneliness and abandoned.

In bullying or stress situations, the dark thoughts of suicide happens due to lack of consolation or motivational talks to the stressed individual. Without anybody to intervene and assist in the situation, the potential of these feelings being put into practical action is very high. Parents, teachers, and friends therefore play a vital role in preventing development of these negative perceptions.

Generally, the greatest and most severe consequences is as a result of time factor. The time through which these chaotic emotions develops into actions play the biggest role in adolescence suicide. However, the situation can be controlled before suicide occurs.