Digestive System

Many people who think about the digestive system may think it includes the stomach area. Yet, it includes more than that while being a unique combination of elements that help break down and digest food and nutrients. The system includes organs and chemical gases & fluids that help the body absorb and distribute nutrients. The digestive system is vital to the health and wellness of individuals as it is the main element that provides natural energy needed to for thinking and movement. Aside from extracting nutrients from food, it helps the body get rid of unwanted waste as feces and urine.

The digestive system is often used to eating meat and vegetables, but for years the system is used to eating cooked foods and meat products. This is why people fall ill when they eat meat that is uncooked or prepared improperly. The mouth is part of the beginning of the digestive system that begins the digestion process. The teeth break up the food, the saliva and tongue help break down the food making it easier to swallow. The mouth has multiple saliva glands that help release enzymes to make the food easy to digest as it travels to the stomach.

The saliva enzymes help protect teeth enamel and break down starches and fat from the food. The food travels through the esophagus, or throat with the help of special muscles that contract as food is being swallowed. This area also has moisture from saliva to help food travel. This part of the body is important as it helps breakdown food to prevent damage to the stomach area. Food is broken down further upon entering the stomach area. There are cells here that help deposit nutrients from food which include small particles. Gastric juices in the stomach are highly acidic and play a major role in breaking food down along with muscles that contract in the stomach.

The small intestines carry the food through the stomach and it is mixed with other bodily fluids released by the liver and pancreas. This helps nutrients be absorbed by the bloodstream. The large intestines help separate waste or unwanted matter the body needs to eliminate. The large intestines are connected to the colon, urinary tract and anus. The body helps extract most waste and unwanted matter on its own, but you can make it easier for yourself when eating a well-balanced diet.