A Guide for Medical Students: Argumentative Essay Topics


  1. Modern medicine versus natural treatments: Who to trust; the physician or the homeopath?

    Discuss the pros and cons of both a main stream medical professional, and a less popular natural doctor. Which one is more effective and why?

  2. A look into the progression of female doctors: Challenges they faced during male-dominated periods

    Take an historic overview on female doctors’ struggles and triumphs over the last century. How have they progressed since then and to what or whom do they owe the respect they now receive as equal professionals?

  3. Botched operations: Should more accountability be placed on doctors who make life-costing mistakes?

    When a surgeon loses a patient, what steps should be taken to investigate the reasons why? Ask whether more should be done to hold doctors accountable and whether this strictness will ultimately play a part in saving lives.

  4. Health care is too expensive: Should doctors and surgeons be compelled to perform life saving procedures for free?

    A topic on the minds of many is the high cost of medical care. Should all medical procedures be available to everyone, or only those who can pay for them? Discuss ways of monitoring who would be eligible for free treatment, and who would be expected to pay for it.

  5. The stages of dementia: A step by step look at how a person can be changed by this mind altering disease

    Look at the process of dementia from its beginning stages to its culmination. How much is known about this disease and what steps can be taken to prevent or beat it?

  6. The pros and cons of chemotherapy

    Patients who undergo the gruelling process of chemotherapy will attest to the hell it puts them through. Look at the stats and weigh up the benefits against the drawbacks of going through this form of treatment. Then, consider the pros and cons of not experiencing this option.

  7. Cancer beating advice on the internet: Is it dangerous, or life-saving?

    Should cancer patients ignore their doctor’s advice and opt for alternative treatments instead? Though many doctors condemn this move, how can we ignore the testimonials of those who claim that alternative methods work? Also look into whether or not there are stories of those who have opted for internet advice on beating cancer and failed to treat themselves successfully.