Chemistry Homework Help: Best Tips For Beginners

Chemistry Does Not Respond to Last Minute Study

Chemistry is a complex subject so don’t leave studying for a class or test until the night before. Studying and homework need to done consistently. Don’t work late at night and don’t leave it to the last minute before trying to understand complex formulas.

Do The Work Yourself

You need to do the work yourself, as it’s the only way to understand how solutions are arrived at. Don’t copy the answers from a friend, or worse have them do the work for you. If you find answers to problems at the back of a glossary or textbook make sure you understand how the solution is arrived at.

Memory Aids

Chemistry is full of complex signs and equations, which are difficult to understand and remember. You can try to memorize these complex links by making up rhymes and signs anything, which will help the links to stick in your memory.

Write It Down

You must write solutions, which are written on the blackboard, or which your teacher refers to .You may use index cards with solutions written on them so that you can juxtapose them with other cards rather than just writing them down in a notebook. Use a red biro to underline key facts or headings so they are more visible or use a colored highlighter, sparingly so as not to clutter the page with color. You need to be able to see the trees in the wood.

Develop a Culture of Effort

Everybody has his or her own ability to study, absorb and remember hard facts. There are gifted individuals with photographic memories or a special understanding of the subject but in general most of us have to develop a capacity for hard work and study. This is difficult and quite often students find they are easily distracted and fail to concentrate. Chemistry is almost like learning a language it requires steady work and immersion in the subject, In fact it requires dedication.

Learn The Math Before The Chemistry

Logarithms, algebra and other mathematical formulations are required before starting out on chemistry studies and should be thoroughly learned, as you cannot proceed with chemistry studies without them.

Learn The Language of Chemistry

Learn the technical terms and expressions by studying texts and testing yourself and then checking the answers at the back of the textbook.