Creating An Outstanding College Essay: A Fresh Topic List

Idea: Analyze your favourite TV show or movie

There’s no reason you shouldn’t take a show you’re interested in and do some analyzing of the characters, the plot, and the development of the story. If it’s something you enjoy, you will likely do well writing an essay about it.

The other side of abuse

Explore abuse from the other side. Instead of focusing on the victim, focus in on the person inflicting the abuse; and see if you can find the root cause of abuse. Was the abuser once the victim?

Is freelancing the future of business?

More and more people are quitting their jobs and offering their services as freelancers. Is this the future of industry as we know it?

Movies from the nineties that will still be classics 50 years from now

Take a look at some movies from the nineties that will be considered classics 50 years from now. Focus in on why these movies were so groundbreaking and consider comparing them to movies in our present day.

Cyber pets and their roles in our lives

Are cyber pets taking over from real animals? Can people actually have real relationships with a program? Explore this bizarre culture and note your observations.

Useless inventions that fooled us

Take a look at one or two inventions that brought absolutely no contribution to our lives, but still made their creators rich. The pet rock is a good example.

Sheltering children in a crazy world

How would you keep your child sheltered from the dangers and hurt of the world? Should you even try to do so? If not, why? If yes, then how?

Ways to make life radically simpler

What are small ways you can implement into your life to make it simpler? A vegetable garden? Keeping chickens in the backyard? Or how about clever recycling methods? Look at incremental changes that can result in big changes.

Bible inerrancy?

Is it reasonable to believe in biblical inerrancy? How would it affect the Christian Church either way?

What’s the point of winning an Oscar award?

Is there any satisfaction for a film crew when it receives recognition with an Oscar? Look at this from the perspective of the unsung heroes in film and explore whether it’s really worthwhile receiving a golden statue. Does it really mean anything?