Essay Writing Hints: What are the Main Paragraphs of a Paper?

When you order a traditional turkey club sandwich, it will always have turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon and three slices of bread. This is true for all turkey club sandwiches. Much like a traditional turkey club, writing an essay, regardless of the type of essay, there will always be certain types of paragraphs present. These main paragraphs are known as the introduction, body and conclusion.


The introduction of your paper is where you will present your topic and all of its vital information. You will want to create a thorough presentation of the background information to be sure that your readers have a full understanding of the subject. After thoroughly presenting the topic, you will also provide a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the main point of the paper, and the issues of support you plan to present in the body paragraphs. For instance, when writing a research paper about vegetarianism, your introduction will provide a complete explanation of vegetarianism. Next, the thesis statement will reveal that in this research paper you intend to explore the environmental, humanitarian, and health benefits of vegetarianism. The thesis statement will prepare you to transition into the body paragraphs of your paper, where you will discuss each of your main points about vegetarianism.

Body Paragraph One

Body paragraph one is where you will explore the first main point you would like to make about your topic. Sticking with the vegetarian example, this is where you will talk about the environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. Each body paragraph can be broken up into more than one paragraph—it just depends the quantity and organization of the information presented.

Body Paragraph Two

Body paragraph two is where you will explore the second main point you would like to make about your topic. For vegetarianism, the second point would be the humanitarian benefits of vegetarianism. How does it benefit societies on a humanitarian level? Provide the support and research you have found to show the evidence of humanitarian benefits for a plant-based diet.

Body Paragraph Three

Body paragraph three is where you will explore the third main point of your paper. With vegetarianism, this is where you would explore health benefits of this kind of diet. You may have more than three main points about your topic, too. This would result in another body paragraph for the paper, but the same organization.


Lastly, you will close with your conclusion. The conclusion will be where all the loose ends of your paper are tied up. You will not want to present any new research or data in the conclusion. This will allow you to make overarching conclusions about the topic as a whole.