How To Make Your Essay On Global Warming Stand Out

Global warming is a tenacious demon that stares at us from the future. The average temperature on the planet is increasing every year, even if minutely. This is gradually leading to the melting of glaciers and rising of sea levels.

Impact on life

This may seriously affect marine life at first and wholesome life in succession. While Governments have taken stock of the threat and are combining to take steps to counter it; they are not altogether succeeding. Here is what needs to be done at different levels; if you need the pointers for your essay.

  • The Governments should gradually partially or switch off-the-grid. Coal is a creator of problems, but it is also a very cheap energy creator. There lies the dilemma. It is necessary to make a pertinent switch to renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, water and earth. The problem is that the switch may be costly at the initial level.
  • The cleanliness of river beds and a check on the rise of factories and selling of vehicles is also necessary. These steps will however need the cooperation of citizens.
  • At the personal level, everyone including should follow patterns that improves the general energy quotient around you. For instance, make an attempt to use carpools and public transport than cars in general.
  • Make use of energy star appliances that operate effectively at reasonable expenditure of energy. Use smart meters to be aware of the power that different appliances consume and accordingly make the changes.
  • Attune to smart home concept wherein your home can act on its own mind. The air conditioner stops operating just as the room is vacated. Lights are in accordance with the mood and necessity. Switch to LED lights and cast off the incandescent bulbs that expend too much heat.
  • Keep the home clean and organized so as to engender better air circulation. Make sure that your home is well-insulated and get regular electrical and home inspection done by licensed professionals.
  • Install green roofs and living walls at home for better indoor air quality. Use disposers and make sure that the landfills are not excessively burdened. Say no to plastic and make use of organic materials. Reduce e-waste.

Don’t just preach; practice

Try to insert other points in your essay so as to make a positive plan against global warming. Make an endeavor to follow those pointers that you can, at home. Be a pioneer; don’t keep waiting for instructions. Lead!