Where To Look For An Original Sample Term Paper?

When drafting a paper on a tricky topic, a completely original sample paper can be an invaluable source of information. A high-quality paper can nonetheless be difficult to track down, particularly if you are interested in a topic that is novel, obscure, or complex. Here are some excellent ways to locate an original sample paper.

Instructor Sites

Perform a search online for “instructor resources” for the course you are studying or the topic you are studying. Sites that provide instructors with lecture resources and sample PowerPoint lectures can also lead to the proper sources, so perform searches for those as well. It may also be helpful to perform a search for “paper rubrics” for the course or topic you are studying. In some cases, membership fees may be required to access resource sites.

Paper Writing Sites

There are many sites online where you can enlist the help of advanced students and ask them to write or share original sample papers on a particular topic of your choosing. These sites are easily located by performing a quick internet search for “buy term papers online” or “buy sample papers online”.

Note, however, that using these sites requires an hourly or flat fee in most cases, and there is a lag time between when you request the paper and when the person you have hired delivers it to you. ALSO NOTE: Submitting a paper you have not authored as your own term paper violates nearly every university’s codes of academic conduct and is typically punishable with a failing grade (at best) or suspension or expulsion from the university (at worst) and is highly unethical. Only use a term paper from another student as a sample; do not copy a single sentence or phrase from sample essays.

Ask an Instructor

Some instructors keep copies of example term papers on file for students to use as samples or to guide their own work. In some instances, instructors freely share these original sample papers with their classes when their term paper assignments are being handed out. There is no harm in asking your instructor (or another instructor whom you know) if you can see an outstanding student paper from the past. Again, do not copy any of that student’s content. Merely use their paper as a guide or a rubric for your own efforts.

When you are in doubt about how to complete an academic writing project such as a term paper, having a sample to follow as a guide can make a huge difference. Don’t hesitate to search for resources online and in person. As long as you write your own, novel term paper, there is no harm in seeking help and useful examples.