6 Unique Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Are you having a difficult time coming up with ideas for your argumentative research paper topic? Remember, an argumentative research paper must debate a topic by picking a side. It should present a strong argument and thesis in favor of the author’s position. It should also inspire the reader to consider that position because of the evidence and details that are present by the author. For this reason it is important to do good research and find great examples that support your thesis when writing this style of essay.

Today, we are sharing 10 Unique Argumentative Research Paper Topic ideas with great potential!

  1. Should students be forced to do homework?

    This is an interesting topic of debate because many students do not like homework. However, teachers and academic institutions will insist that homework is needed in order to complete the curriculum. You could research and debate the benefits of eliminating homework.

  2. Should Boys and Girls Take Gym Class Separately?

    In the past boys and girls had physical education classes separately. Only in the last 30 years or so have all P.E courses been integrated. You could research and debate the benefits of separating boys and girls for gym courses.

  3. Should teachers be tested for their knowledge?

    Many older teachers have been out of school for a long time. Their methods of teaching may be outdated. They may also still be teaching old information. Write your argumentative paper over why teachers should be tested like students every few years. This could lead to an interesting debate.

  4. Should parents be allowed to homeschool their children without any previous experience in education?

    Homeschooling has become increasingly more popular over the last few years. The problem is that most homeschool students are being taught by their parents. These parents do not have any teaching credentials. Is there an argument for regulating homeschooling?

  5. Should kids be allowed to choose their own teachers?

    One of the main reasons why students have a hard time learning in the classroom is because they do not mesh with the instructors teaching style. Could it possibly be beneficial for students to select their own teachers after sitting in on a class?

  6. Should student’s college applications be so reliant on admissions essays?

    Not everyone is a great writer, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t thrive in certain College or University courses. Should a student’s admittance to their choice school be determined by the quality of their admittance paper? What are some of the reasons why this is an outdated system of selecting who gets into certain schools.