Finding Promising Academic Essay Topics to Write On

Writing academic essays should not be exhausting. If you want to have fun and improve your writing skills, it is better to look for a topic you are interested in. Choosing it often poses a great obstacle for many students in the essay writing process. They search online for sample topics, ask their teachers and family, and discuss possible topics with friends. However, some simple tips below describe proactive ways of picking the right one. In other words, you should develop your own topic on your own instead of relying on somebody else’s choice.

  1. It is better to work on a topic that you’ve wanted to study throughout your school years:

    Some students find it obvious; they know what job they want to do in the future, and use every chance to deepen their understandings of the subjects. Graduate students consider essay writing to be a part of the explanatory process; they probably know their dissertation topic and try to learn different aspects of the research subject. If you have trouble with your own, you should start by looking through a list of your classes and the papers that you have written as a part of your curricula. You will find some patterns and figure out your area of interest.

  2. Consider three problems you want to study and turn them into questions:

    Once you have several broad topics, you should narrow them down. Determine specific aspects or characteristics that you need to study in order to answer your study questions. It is a good idea to write down everything you come up with during the brainstorming process. Your task is to develop the main points that can make up your essay structure. You do not need to worry about the word choice and grammar; just write the ideas down, and then consider if they seem appropriate to your chosen essay topic. If so, you can start working on an essay outline.

  3. Look for something that others say requires more study, or reexamine a classic study in a new context:

    This way, you can find some great academic essay topics. You should prepare a comprehensive literature review and figure out what gaps in the current scientific research you can cover in your own study. Preliminary readings often awake your passions and interests. Sometimes, you can find potential research topics that were mentioned by your professor during class. When you read scholarly journals, you frequently see scholars’ comments on areas that they would like to be studied in detail. However, make sure you narrow your chosen topic down so you can develop it within you paper.