How to be a professional in composing unique essay topics

As a student you will be required to write any number of essays during your academic career. You will be told time and again as you are being told here and now that the choice of topic for your essay plays a huge role in the success of your writing. Choose an interesting and in-depth topic and you give yourself a chance to write with conviction and style. Choose a shallow or boring topic and you make a rod for your own back.

Sometimes you are given the opportunity to create your own essay topic. This is a wonderful situation because it gives you the freedom to choose whatever topic you like. Remember that if you can come up with a topic which has great appeal for you or in which you have a great deal of knowledge already, then you are giving yourself a terrific bunk up in creating a cracking essay. If you are given a number of essay topics and asked to choose one of them, again look for something which is relevant to your course of study both now and in the future or a topic which fires your imagination. You will write a much more effective and more interesting essay when the topic has serious appeal for you.

How to compose unique essay topics

One little trick that not many students know about is that you can take a well-known and often-written about subject and tweak it so that it becomes unique. You may think that a popular topic is not worth writing about because so many of your fellow students have chosen that topic as well. You may think that your teacher or professor in reading your essay will inwardly groan knowing that they face yet another take on that particular topic. That need not necessarily be the case.

Take a common and popular essay topic. Now get your mind to work and think of a new or different approach to that topic. Try and think of a way that nobody else has written about that topic before. Yes, the theme is the same, but your approach must be different. This is one way to compose a unique essay topic.

Another is to use a search engine or to use your own mind in a brainstorming session and go for things which are far out. Look online under such search engine headings as, ‘unusual places’ or ‘unusual events’. Coming up with ideas from various websites can be a help but so too can be a brainstorming session we you take an unusual event or place and then think of all sorts of things which could have happened as a result of visiting these places or being involved in these events. What you are doing is giving yourself an excellent chance of composing unique essay topics. You need to be enamoured of the topic and keen to write about it and when that combination occurs, you could very well be on a winner.