Music Research Papers – Developing Your Thesis

When you enrolled in your music studies program, I bet you never thought that you would find yourself pulling all-nighters writing music research papers. Many students who pursue a post-secondary career in music think that they will get away with not having to write as many essays and thesis papers as their peers. Unfortunately for them music theory and music history classes typically also include writing components. The good news is that writing a music research paper can be a fun way to explore the subject matter that you are already passionate about. Unlike students who are forced to write essay after essay on boring science theories and politics you get to write about something that you are truly passionate about.

For this reason developing a thesis for your music essay shouldn’t be that hard, especially if you get to choose your own subject matter. The best way to go about coming up with a unique thesis it to use your own passions as inspiration. For example, if you are aspiring songwriter you may want to come up with a thesis that relates to your aspirations; How technology has changed the way that we write music? Three different classical songwriters and their impact on modern music? Modern songwriting versus traditional technique?

These are all some different questions that you could consider that would help you come up with a strong thesis to explore in your music research essay paper. Do you see how you can instill your own passion for the subject matter into your thesis writing process?

Another way to develop you thesis would be to draw from a particular musician or even a song that has inspired you. Once again by instilling your passion for music into the paper writing process you will find a plentiful resource for unique ideas. Maybe your favorite song, has a unique historical background, or perhaps your favorite artist has influenced a particular music style. Carefully contemplate these ideas as potential thesis angles, just be wary of doing your preliminary research to make sure that their is enough source material there to create a strong argument that defend your thesis theories.