How to Check an Essay Writing Service for Credibility

You probably have been told how easy it is to get scammed when seeking essay help online. There are fraud writing services indeed, but if you do your own credibility check, the chance of losing your money is minimal.

  • Check whether the service is legal.
  • A writing company that operates as a legal entity in your country would usually boast it on the main page. You would be able to see their state registration (for UK websites – Companies House) number, physical office address, and land line phone number. If in doubt, open the state registrar’s database (they are free to use for everyone) and check this company’s number there. If you find it, rest assured that this writing service is 100% trustworthy. You may not do any following checkpoints and order your essay from them right away.

    However, most homework help companies are not registered as legal entities, and those that are generally charge higher fees. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to look for other options. A website might not be registered with the House of Companies and still be reliable.

  • Check whether the website is verified by any third parties.
  • Look for verification marks by PayPal, Norton Security, or any other organizations. Every such sign of approval is a plus to a website’s reputation.

  • Check whether they have guarantees in place.
  • A credible writing service would always offer a money-back or customer satisfaction guarantee, 100% authenticity guarantee, unlimited free revisions, free anti-plagiarism report, and 24/7 customer support. If any of the above is missing, this website is not worth your consideration.

  • Check how long the service has been around.
  • A simple but sure sign of credibility is the website’s age. Scammers do not linger in the homework market; they usually vanish within a year, with all the money they have collected. Unprofessional companies do not linger either; competition in homework industry today is high. If a writing service has been in operation for more than three years, there is a huge chance that they deliver excellent papers.

  • Check the quality of their essay samples.
  • If the website has any sample essays uploaded, study them carefully. Do they read smoothly? Are they free of obvious errors? A scam company would either have no samples or have those of very poor quality. The same is true for texts on the website itself. Do not trust companies whose web pages are ridden with typos or seem to filled with automatically generated content.