How to Come Up With Good Essay Topics: A Few Inspiring Tips

When you are busy and the teacher assigns an essay, it is important to pick a good topic quickly. You should gather topics when you are not busy and keep the topics in a file folder. There are quite a few different places where you can look for your topic ideas. Consider looking at the daily news, speech and essay sites, social media, asking your teacher, and reading magazine and journals for inspiration.

Daily News

You should be aware of the current news. Being aware is important to your world and your wisdom. Make it a point to read the news for a small bit each day. You will find a bevy of topic ideas when you take the time to read the daily news. Yu can read the hard copy or access the news site via the Internet.

Speech and Essay Sites

There are many local and national speech and essay sites that list current topic ideas. It is free to access these sites, so take advantage of them the next time you are assigned an essay in class.

Social Media

Social media is not just a means for gossip and entertainment news. You can find trending events, issues, and conversations on the many different social media sites. You just need to make sure that your topic is appropriate for the school and classroom.

Asking Your Teacher

Ask your teacher for topic ideas. Every teacher I have ever known who taught writing or English had a topic folder. Ask your teacher if he or she has one, and if so, if you can look at it for topic ideas and inspiration.

Reading Magazines and Journals

In addition to reading the news, you should subscribe to magazines. These magazines can be geared toward your specific interests. By simply scanning the contents of the magazine, you should be able to get topic ideas.

The next time you have an essay assigned, look for ideas in the daily news, at speech and essay sites, on social media, by asking your teacher, and also by reading magazines and journals. As you look, write down all the ideas you are interested in and then place the ideas in your file folder for use on anther paper. Having a folder that is ready will make your life and your writing easier on you.