Starting your analytical expository essay – 3 helpful suggestions

An analytical, expository composition is typically used to speculate or re-evaluate a certain position on a given issue. They are a form of essay assignment that requires in depth research and insightful thought from the author. The reason why you may be required to write an analytical essay of this sort is to demonstrate your ability to argue and defend a thesis regarding your assigned subject matter. Instructors often choose this essay format because it emphasizes critical thinking abilities over research and encourages the writer to carefully consider their defense.

Like other essays analytical expository papers have a very specific format that they follow. Typically using a 3-part outline (a bit shorter than your typical argumentative writing assignment) they include an introduction & thesis, body, and conclusive remarks.

If you have been asked to write an expository essay the hardest part is likely getting started. In order to make it a little bit easier on you we’ve come up with 3 handy inspiration tips for analytical writers.

1.) Find Your Focus

In order to avoid confusing your reader, it is wise to select one clear idea or concept to focus on. With this form of writing it is easy to get up arguing several ideas at once, and in a short-writing form it can come across confusing and messy.

Instead pick “one strong theme” and focus on it.

Brainstorm, free-write, and research in order to organize your ideas.

2.) Leave An Impression

With an expository essay your main goal should be to get an emotional reaction from the reader.

This is an occasion to be creative and use all the qualities of good compositional writing to create a solid piece that will stir up a reaction. Unlike more formal writing assignments this one requires you to put a bit of heart into it and get really “involved” in what you are talking about. Your essay will only successful if a.) it changes someone’s mind or b.) It inspires new insights.

3.) Use Only Fully Developed Ideas

If you wish to be successful at either a or b.) Your best route is to use fully developed concepts and ideas. Even if you are writing from your own insights, don’t hesitate to use strong evidence and research to defend your ideas. A well-rounded piece will include both “fact” and “opinion” however these need to be strong and well rounded, not one sided and flat. Try to include good descriptive language that will really get your points across.