Never Purchase Essays from Unknown Sources

Writing an essay can be quite time consuming and is an in-depth process. There is a great deal of research necessary to write an essay and then of course there is the process of actually writing, proofreading, and editing the paper. There are those individuals, students, and professors who are simply and naturally better writers than others. Then there are those who are truly challenged by writing an essay. Many of those who struggle with writing look for outside help and can often resort to purchasing essays either to submit as their essay or to use as a point of reference in writing their own. Either way, there are a number of sources available for these purchases, but they are not all created equal. In fact, purchasing an essay from an unknown source can be quite dangerous and can place a student’s integrity and academic career in question.

When purchasing an essay, it is crucial to know the source for a number of reasons:

  1. No Question of Plagiarism. If using a known and trusted source, there should be no question of plagiarism when purchasing the essay. Hopefully, the source is well known and the person purchasing the essay has done some level of resource to know that the source is reliable.
  2. Contact. If the source is known, the writer that will be creating the essays can be contacted. That means that the person needing the essay can reach out to the writer and get to know their writing style, how they work, and if they will be a good fit to complete the job at hand.
  3. Reviews. If the source is known, the person purchasing the essay can look into the feedback and reviews of those who have used the service or writer before. This means that the purchaser will know what they are getting and the level of service they will be receiving before they ever have to pay for any goods.

Purchasing an essay without knowing the source does not lend itself to any of the above advantages. Without knowing the source, the purchaser will not be able to verify that the sources used were all authentic or that the content itself is genuine. This means that they could find out that part, or all, of the essay was plagiarized. And without content or feedback, the purchaser is not really able to ensure that they will get what they need from that particular writer or service.