Writing Good Essays: Brainstorming Profound Thoughts

Good Ideas do not always just fall from trees. Gravity was a fluke. If you find yourself in need of an essay topic there is no need for despair. Many have been in the place you currently occupy, wondering how to continue or even stat on an assignment that requires them to think in ways that are far more creative than they currently feel. You need not worry. Brainstorming the deep thoughts and ideas that make a memorable essay is a simple process and the following tips can help you get started.

  1. Check articles and journals in your field
  2. It is easy to miss out on the most interesting happenings of our time if you are not constantly monitoring the pace of progress. No amount of social media updates will make you omniscient though so be sure to keep current in your field by referring to its most prominent publications. These will give you ideas that a professor in the field is likely to appreciate as they show that you took initiate and engaged in further reading not assigned by the course.

  3. Use your experiences
  4. You may not be an expert in your field but no matter who you are you are an expert in YOU. No one knows you better (even if they think they do) and this allows you to compile a large number of introspective insights into an essay if you select a topic that allows you to fully continue on that track. Many leading Psychological theories were formulated based on the introspections of the theorist. Give yourself some time to think about what you think on the topic. You can even compare your thoughts with those of someone who has been published if you still have those journals from step 1 handy.

  5. Get some advice
  6. If you are on good terms with anyone who has knowledge in your field, a conversation with them may help you more than hours alone without a clue. This person’s advice can help you sort through the thoughts that you are considering using to find the ones most suitable to the assignment. They may also assist you with structuring the essay itself. If you need this help do not let pride stop you from reaching out to get it.

Go bravely and let your original ideas guide your essay.