Writing an Autobiographical Narrative Essay

The form of an autobiographical narrative essay is quite different from any regular essay, and even different from any other narrative essay. It does have the qualities of a narrative essay, in which you will be writing in a story telling like style, and the events of a certain time will be unfolding. At the same time, it will be something about your life, like a personal statement, but more focused on one event from your life than as you as a whole person. Some students mistakenly think that personal essays of this nature are a lot easier to write than to have to do research on a topic and list sources and all that, but in fact it can sometimes be a lot harder to write about yourself. When you are too close to your own memories, there are distortions and misinterpretations of things people said or did, which can’t really be avoided. That is one of the wonders of this type of an essay, because not only is the person reading it seeing part of your life, but part of your life from your unique and flawed perspective.

It’s important to be honest and detailed in an essay like this, because it’s supposed to be about a story from your life and since no one else has experienced it like you have, it’s your job to be as clear as possible without ruining the integrity of what really happened. In many cases, students opt for someone else to write their essays, because it can be too frustrating to try to do this on your own. Once you have it worked out what you want to write about and have a written list of some of the details and sequences from your life, a more talented writer than you will be able to put it all together in a comprehensible fashion.

If you’re looking to hire someone to help with your autobiographical narrative essay, it’s a good place to start by asking your peers and friends. If you can find someone that has hired an expert online before, then you have at your disposal someone to ask any question of and get advice from during the whole process. For those of you who can’t find anyone to recommend you a particular writer or company, don’t worry because an old fashioned internet search will do nicely.