25 Interesting Narrative Essay Writing Prompts For 5th Graders​

5th graders have to be taught the merit of education and learning in a playful manner. Otherwise they may lose interest in books and by effect studies. Teachers get a glorious chance towards it in the form of essays.

Now, narrative essays generally begin with writing prompts. Here is an endeavor to place some interesting writing prompts to put 5th graders in the know –

  1. ‘This is how I learnt to keep my money where my mouth is’
  2. ‘It was a strange sound coming from a dark alley which automatically attracted my attention. I knew not whether to run at it or away from it.’
  3. ‘Adversity allows you to test your moral reserves. Here is how it tested me once.’
  4. ‘While I am casual and free-flowing with friends, I suddenly turn reserved at home.’
  5. ‘I woke up to see my bookshelf burning and the first thing that entered my mind was my mom’s sole photo’
  6. ‘The Germans wore grey while you wore blue. I chose the Germans’
  7. ‘My father told me to keep failing until I succeeded. I think I took his advice rather seriously.
  8. ‘It was my uncle who had introduced me to alcohol. And then one day he died.’
  9. ‘There are too many slips between strategy and implementation.’
  10. ‘Our boat went rocking even as the sea wore a venomous color’
  11. ‘The only sound I could hear was of silence; unmitigated quietude and you’
  12. You are God’s first attempt to introduce me to the world of dalliances.’
  13. ‘I could never fathom the character of the mathematical x. It kept changing colors like water.’
  14. ‘At last I can shout with rage that I have found peace.’
  15. ‘Her breasts were tantalizingly close and I was too heavily drunk not to notice.’
  16. ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. I could sense the reason behind my father’s anxiety.’
  17. ‘It was my effort towards gaining his friendship back; but something somewhere was amiss.’
  18. ‘Love is imaginary but lust is real; blood-real.’
  19. ‘She smiled and rubbed off all the copper shortages from my mind.’
  20. ‘I ran like a demon in distress away from the hooded snake. I never missed my belt that fell somewhere in the storm.’
  21. ‘It is curious how people drink when they are happy, when sad; when ecstatic and most when they feel nothing.’
  22. ‘I traveled the world only to return to the sweet and untouched nostalgia of my city’
  23. ‘My uncle was dying and all I could do was choke the oxygen cylinder placed beside him’
  24. ‘Life is cruel. Yet, it was the only thing I had before you came.’
  25. Slowly, I sauntered towards the scaffold, hands tied and heart weeping.’