6 Ways To Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

The most important about academic writing is that your spelling and grammar are perfect. Don't just rely on the spell check function of the word processing program that you use; these are useful but do not catch every mistake, and sometimes mislabel things that are correct. If you want to check for spelling and grammar without a built in program, it's a good idea to print out your piece of writing. Our minds see things differently on a screen than on a piece of paper, and you may be able to see errors on the paper that you completely did not notice before. Try some of these six tips and you will definitely improve in your academic writing skills or apply as a writer.

Tips for Academic Writing

  1. Create an outline. You are running blind without one. An outline is where you can work out all the possible problems you might have with your piece of writing before you become too invested in it. This serves as a kind of first draft, because you will be able to save yourself a lot of time when you have it all planned out like this.
  2. Mimic your favourite writers. If there is an academic work that you've particularly enjoyed, note what you like about that person's writing style and how they present the information. If you can decipher what it is that you like so much, you can emulate it in your own work.
  3. Write all the time. Even keeping a journal counts. Write fiction, non fiction, poetry, or anything your heart desires; just writing in itself, no matter the subject, will make you a better writer in general, and a better academic writer to be specific.
  4. Discover your passion. What in life do you love doing? If you have something that fascinates you, then you should write about it. Tell the world of your expertise and your thoughts. This will train your brain into creatively expressing yourself.
  5. Read a lot! This is an often overlooked way of making yourself a better writer. But in order to know what good writing looks like, you need to read good writing. Read everything you can get your hands on that is the type of academic writing you want to do, as well as outside your genre. You can learn a lot jut from reading someone else's writing.
  6. Just practice. Write without thinking about how good it is.