Useful Recommendation On How To Conclude A Persuasive Essay

When considering on the appropriate way to conclude a persuasive essay, you should bear in mind the main purpose of a persuasive essay; persuading your audience to support your line of thought about a particular aspect. Most of the writers will quickly write a conclusion containing a few lines and not covering the basic concepts which are essential for a conclusion. This is mostly influenced by the writer being tired and the desire to quickly finish a particular writing. In persuasive writing your closing is the most important. The following are some of the things you should consider when writing your conclusion for a persuasive essay.

Don’t cut short your conclusion

Most writers are in a hurry to quickly finish their essay and will most probably cut short their conclusion. This can be a de-service to the introduction and the body. The conclusion should basically cover 10-15% of your essay’s length. The conclusion should signal the end of your persuasive writing. You should summarize the various benefits of a suggested action which you were supporting in your content. If your essay was about a story or stories, this is the right time for you to remind the audience what the main story theme was about. Though you should not cut your conclusion, always ensure that it is the right length i.e. not so long

A Call to action or a suggestion to a solution

In the closing parts of your persuasive writing, you should drive your point home. One thing the reader should walk away with is the call to action. You should deliver what you want the audience to do in the concluding parts of the article. Always ensure that you are passionate and choose the right levels of aggregation. Your conclusion can also offer a solution through which your audience can be part of. This makes them feel much more persuaded to incline in your line of thinking

Ensure a memorable ending

Make sure your ending is something memorable. This is an aspect used by even great speech writers, their ending is memorable. Since you are writing a persuasive article making it memorable can be seen as meeting your set goal of persuading the readers. Always ensure that your final words are very important. This will make the reader to be included to your line of thinking

The conclusion is as important as the introduction and the body, ensure the three parts of a conclusion are included. This includes: restating your main point ,presenting two general sentences which will support your main points and finally providing a warning which might occur if your line of thinking is assumed.