Provide Me with Good Topics for a Definition Essay

A definition essay is a type of assignment where students are asked to define a term, a phrase, a concept or an idea in-depth by giving a narrative or commentary on what the subject means to everyone else in the room. These assignments can be quite challenging at first because they require some deep critical thinking. It’s easy enough to describe the physical properties of a tree or a window or a house, but when questions arise about why other objects can not technically be called these things. Here are some good topics for writing great definition essays:

  • Happy marriage : In the U.S. alone one in every two marriages ends in divorce. What does this say about what it means to be happily married? Does marriage mean the same thing it did 50 years ago?
  • Pride : In many traditions and religions it is considered wrong to have too much pride. But in many aspects of day-to-day life and in many professions it’s considered great to be proud. How much is too much?
  • Good coach : What defines a good coach? Someone who leads his team to victory or someone who sets an example for the people he leads? What learning values make for a good coach?
  • Heroism : What does it mean to be a hero today? Can people whose jobs it is to save the lives of others still be considered heroes if it really is their responsibility to do so anyway?
  • Friendship : What does it mean to have and experience friendship? Is it too much to suggest that people generally consider people who are acquaintances as friends?
  • Family : What does family mean? There are now families that include friends, neighbors and other community members that could be considered, figuratively, as part of a close family? How has the concept of family changed in the last 50 years?
  • Human rights : Between wars, poverty gaps, health gaps, and more, is there such a thing as a basic understanding of human rights and can the world ever achieve them? How long will it take and what will it take?
  • Bad teacher : What makes for a bad teacher? Someone who isn’t good at instruction or someone who teaches extremely well but doesn’t nurture students who fall behind?
  • Sense of humor : Is having a sense of humor relevant any more since so many comments can be offensive to some groups but not to others? Does having poor taste mean you don’t have a sense of humor?