Essential Academic Writing Guide: How to Compose a Thesis for Your Paper

Before starting, it is important for the writer to first be familiar with what a thesis is. The thesis of your paper is actually the main idea of your entire paper. Your thesis would be a true reflection of what you have written in your entire paper. The purpose of your thesis statement is to capture the main position of your entire paper so the idea of the writer can be easily communicated.

Your thesis statement should not be more than two sentences. You have to make a statement that fully focuses on the ideas that you have presented in your paper. Your thesis statement should be able to present the topic of your paper and describe your relation to the topic. Your thesis statement would help you maintain your focus while writing your paper.

Make sure that your thesis statement comes in the beginning stages of your paper, preferably in the introduction. Giving your thesis statement in the beginning would give your reader a sense of direction. Do not use confusing or vague words, which can have a negative effect on your thesis. Your thesis should be straight to the point, clear and specific.

When you sit down to formulate your thesis, then keep the following points in your mind:

  • Make sure your thesis statement is specific.

  • Your thesis should not be general. It should be to the point.

  • There should be absolute clarity in your thesis statement.

  • Do not use someone else’s thesis statement as that would backfire. Your thesis statement should be original.

  • Your thesis statement should represent you and your opinion besides only presenting your topic.

Your thesis statement should be well constructed. Make sure that your statement does not play the role of an opinion statement instead of a thesis statement. You should be clear about the difference between these two so your message can be clearly conveyed to the reader. A thesis statement is thoroughly researched and explored and it can be defended by the information and evidence that the writer has found. Your statement should present a reasonable claim, which you can prove when the paper is read. There should be visible stand in your statement don’t let the main idea of your paper be open ended. Stick with one main idea, justify it, and be persuasive otherwise, you would have to make all the effort again.