Argumentative Essays are Not That Hard to Write

The common situation with students when they are assigned an essay is that they can panic and worry about how they’re going to get it done with so many other things on their plates. It can be overwhelming if you are very busy, to be able to find time to write your essay. Argumentative essays are not that hard to write, though, because you just have to write about your opinion on a certain subject, backed up with a few facts. This means that you have less research to do than a research paper requires, and you don’t have to just rely on facts like an expository essay or just opinions like a personal essay, but a little bit of both. This makes it an easy project, and one of the least dreaded by students in general.

Starting Your Argumentative Essay

When you first get assigned that essay, make sure you put all the instructions, brainstorming notes from class, and other relevant documents to this essay in one place on your computer. Once you’re into your research and hashing out your opinions on the screen, you don’t want to have to look up something you already should have known or should have put in the right place. Finding things is so much easier when you keep them in their rightful place and stay organized.

Now, you need to plan out your remaining days or weeks until the essay is due. Decide how long you want to take for each step: research, outlining, writing, editing, and formatting, and then schedule yourself to work on this essay on those days. This way, you are stuck to a schedule like your part time job and have to put in the hours.

How to Write Essays Faster

It’s a common misconception that a full length essay takes the whole time the teacher gives you to write it. Don’t worry if you have a due date four or more weeks in the future, your teacher is just being nice, not expecting you to work on it every day for four weeks. Realize that having extra time is nice but don’t let it allow you to procrastinate. Getting your essay done earlier and having that spare time to yourself or to spend with family is a lot better than having fun now and writing your essay the night before it’s due.