What It Takes To Create A Good Illustration Essay

There are different types of essays you write as a student, but none are more interpretational or visual than illustration or exemplification pieces. Here, you are required to prove your point through a series of examples, in sequential order.

A credible example

There is a brilliant Indian book which brings the idea of illustration essays immaculately. The book is called Panchatantra and is written by Vishnu Sharma several centuries ago. He was a teacher who had to educate three dolt princes; and he wove a series of moralistic stories to carry understanding of virtuous principles.

Here is what you require to write an illustration essay –

  • Imagination galore – You need to devise a few examples along with a few factual ones. The requirement is to keep the imaginative examples close enough to the factual ones so that the piece remains consistent.
  • Subjective grounding – You should be fairly conversant with the topic in order to sketch out effective and worthy samples. Make sure you pick those topics on which you have more than a passing knowledge.
  • Fluent writing style – Your writing style should be fluent and evocative. This will go a long way in beautifying your essay. You should go through credible illustration samples to get the drift.
  • Attention for details – You should neither be preachy nor be out of line. The examples should be point-perfect and also be sequentially progressed so that readers picks up the nuggets with fair ease. Writers like Frederick Forsythe are bestsellers purely because they pay an acute attention to details.
  • Relevance is necessary – Your examples should be relevant to the bigger idea of your essay. Make sure that the examples don’t defeat your essential idea; create confusion or a conflict of interest.
  • Assertion of your perspective – You should not lose sight of your perspective, being embroiled in the sea of examples. It is your piece and your take on the topic; let that come out clearly and specifically.

Here are 10 illustration essay topics for your purview –

  1. Rampant features of terrorism
  2. Effects of deforestation on animal life
  3. Ideas to spruce up energy-consciousness
  4. The impact of Bushfires on the northern Sydney suburbs
  5. Evolution of fashion in the last 30 years
  6. Impact of 30’smovies on movie-makers’ conscience
  7. Bane of Social Media; especially for kids
  8. Psychological impact on children in alcoholic household
  9. A study on the practice of writing books with a view on translation into movies
  10. The spread of drug trafficking even under legal noses