5 Major Tips For Defending Your Dissertation

Committees who’ll read your dissertation plan on being particularly tough on your perceptions, research and general knowledge of the dissertation topic. Considering many dissertations are designed to prepare you for your career, the professors who comprise these academic committees adjudicate each Master’s level dissertation paper to make sure you’re prepared. To avoid confusion during the reading of your paper, you’ll need to arm yourself with our 5powerful tips for preserving your dissertation topic.

  • Tip 1: Keep Slow Syncopation
  • Your entire goal is not rushing your committee to ask their questions; keeping your pace mediocre will allow your advisory board to read through the entire piece, giving you feedback based off their professional experience. The more you attempt to speed the questioning process, the more you’ll potentially throw the entire paper away or at least draw some raised eyebrows during the process.

  • Tip #2: Proudly Accept Questioning With Aplomb
  • Since you wrote this dissertation, you’ve just become the master of your own writing. Therefore, answering questions like you’re professionally capable of remembering your research and writing will make the committee move slightly faster through your dissertation. Self-confidence always wins the collegiate professor’s stamp of approval.

  • Tip #3: Defending Is Good
  • If professors reviewing your dissertation believe you’ve become defenseless against your own writing, they’d perhaps make two assessments: one, you care little about the career choice you’ve made and two, you probably have outsourced this dissertation and remember little about the contents. Always defend every participle, strand of verbiage and piece of annotated documentation to prove you’re atop the task at hand. This will let your panel know how firmly you stand on the paper you wrote.

  • Tip #4: Know The Order
  • You should always know the order of your paperwork, down to the final chapter just to C.Y.A. (cover your ass). Since the professors will rarely skip around your dissertation, you should always mentally prepare yourself to recite pieces of your research or writing verbatim.

  • Tip #5: Defense Is Merely A Misnomer
  • Yes, defending yourself is probably just the technicality of the entire dissertation reading process; you may never need to defend yourself yet always have that reservation some professor will snidely approach some fact you placed in the paper with rudely litigating attitudes at heart.

When you’ve turned your dissertation in and finally get to face the board for questioning, prepare yourself with these five tips and never back down from the hard work put into your dissertation.