Writing A Good Law Research Paper In 5 hours

Sometimes college students put their backs against the wall and force themselves to write law research papers in little time while still attempting to keep the format looking professional. Inevitable in nature, law research writings should remain factually correct, verbally smooth and grammatically correct. When you’ve been forced to write these papers in quick timeframes, follow this intuitive guide which shall produce law paper magic in five hours flat, guaranteed, simply by taking these professional steps.

Hour 1: Topic Selection And Research

You will probably need to stick with something relatively easy, if the law professor gives you the gamut to do so. Perhaps the simplest topics revolve around FDCPA or FCRA, both credit laws, and could easily be researched. Google search these terms and toss in “court decisions” to physically pull up cases.

Hour 2: Notes And Outline

Jotting down notes from your law case findings while simultaneously sketching your outline will also expedite the writing process which will entail slapping your case facts and title up top, arguments in the middle, and your opinions at the end. You won’t have much time to dillydallying around with rough drafts; therefore, make absolutely sure your outline is typed correctly.

Hours 3-4: Writing The Content

Spend the next two hours simply writing the content between your outline blanks, making sure all facts are properly cited as you go. Nobody says the paper needs to be 1,000 pages long; concentrate on deep facts and avoid unneeded fluff. Finally, go through and quickly verify your work against the research which shouldn’t take but 5-10 minutes if you took good notes.

Hour 5: Proofread, Copyscape, Print

Quite honestly, doing the work in Microsoft Word, especially the newer versions, will make proofreading and editing simple. You will only need to click the ABC checkmark on the top left and let the internal dictionary do its job. Make sure you’ve adhered to font and spacing guidelines which you’ve probably set before typing. Finally, cut-paste into Copyscape for plagiarism checking and print your five hour legal masterpiece for grading.

Who said five hours isn’t ample time for writing legal research papers? Provided you pick legal opinions, case rules or other laws which aren’t too complex, five hours should be the perfect time range to complete your legal paper, researched perfectly and written to professor standards. If you finish your first hour quickly, you can adjust the time for the remaining tips, and so forth, just to make sure you can do the project correctly.